Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 1 of 145 ...A little long tale...

The decision has been made. 
The phrase goes "Man proposes, God disposes" but I still have hopes on the Almighty.
There is no use of crying on decisions made previously.
And when there is enough time to make future decisions, it is better to do that.
Life is sometimes like that we will have to "ignore" many happenings around us to concentrate on the essentials.

The messy kitchen in the room shared by four girls. Four working girls. In that few whom did not know how to keep the rooms clean.
This has to be ignored when in the morning you step into a nasty kitchen sink with uncleaned cups and tea making pan.
This also has to be ignored when you wake up and enter into a toilet which is half flushed and untidy.

It was noon at the office and after lunch at the washing corner a fat guy was groaning his complete throat out with irritating noise.
When he gargled I feel the urge of spitting it out. It was the noise he created.
The fat guy who has a belly like a pouch of a kangaroo was walking towards the same lift which I had to take.
Less manners! He jumped ahead of me into the lift when the doors opened.
It is not UK or US where you expect a gentle man to open the doors of the lift for a lady to enter and then proceed.

It was an IT MNC. As any multinational firm it also did not have a specified lunch time. People start going into the cafeteria not later than 12.30.The lunch time ends mostly at 4:00 when the last few workaholics reach the place. 
In an MNC you will spot men aged 30 to 40 will be mostly grey haired,bald headed and/or fat bellied.
A life lived more than the age!
The number of men getting heart attack at this age range is also worth mentioning.

She was reading the biography of V.S.Naipaul. She have heard about this author when she was sorting through the syllabus for UPSC preparations.
And always she had thought about him as a Great Indian writer.
Reading on his biography - "The world is what it is"  it became clear, how much Indian he was.
Writers from India these days do not get much appreciation as deserved at par with their NRI counterparts.
The term NRI would not even suit him. But since he owes the credit to India for his genes we can be happy and proud about that.

The decision she has made after so many additions and deletions in her mind finally made her feel confident about her own life.
It was an end to the isolation.The isolation from her own family which she considers the reason of her living and existence.

Some days are better than others, while some have been hectic which passed away as slow as a snail.
Today had waken up to a headache, that could not be clearly classified as to whether it was a sinus initiated or migraine effect.
But absolutely a aching head day.
Started slow, now realizing the fact of life. The bus which should be taking me to my destiny would definitely be out there. And skipping a meeting would never be a cause for my pending appraisal.
In those beginning years of career these were headaches she used to have. Headaches like missing a bus, a small spelling mistake in an all perfect email, etc

The incident immediately flashed in my memory. It was like sudden rain when there was no dark clouds.
It was Dubai. A beautiful day in one of the cold months.. February of 2010.
It was a beautiful day in the life. Now I could recall. It was also the day when it all started over again.

We were in our newly hired double bedded apartment in fact luxurious apartment. We had ample space to sleep. It is like you could sleep here, sleep there or sleep anywhere you like.
The balcony was spacious, the hall was like a big wedding hall, the kitchen was also spacious.
It is where I bed my little one while I do some cooking.

It was only few weeks since we came to join my husband in Dubai after the first junior has come into our lives.
We had not yet fully furnished our lives or home yet. But mostly did not fail to bring in the baby essentials.
And the day we decided to buy a small double cot for us.
The baby would be sleeping in his crib as per our plan.

We went to a small furniture shop in the International City, the city in Dubai where we initially resided.
There was a cold air and the dim lighted evening was enough to trigger love for any young couple. But she was as usual in  her rebel nature. There was nothing for her to rebel here.
But still she was unhappy with herself and so she exhibited it in every instant of life. That made life even more trouble for that handsome young gentle man. Her husband.

If at all life had a replay button! She wished in despair that those lost loving moments which she herself made miserable came back again.
It would have been a different flow of life then. She had changed her attitude a lot these days. She had to!

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