Thursday, March 8, 2012

Romance is dead?

It has been 4 years and 7 months since we knew each other.
And married for 4 years and 2 months now.
I still don't believe love is in the air anymore.
It's a visible dead body between us now.
Can't blame me if I expected love!
He is all indulged in his excel of money.
Searching for scope of savings
I was hoping to have a vacation
For few days with him my love,
 yes for him too it was few days,
I fly and reach him evening, a day and another day
pack and fly back to another destination.
All set... flights booked.
Now I feel like cancelling the trip.
Just seeing each other was enough for him
Skype video would have served that purpose.
All his glands including male hormones
should have been dead along with love?
I am traveling for just few hours instead of days?
Poor fellow, gonna laugh at me my envying friends.
But on rethoughts I realize, not love what is dead
It was lust that faded away, but nourished the
growth of real care and love.
He cared much for betterment of me and his kids
Lot more than may be I could imagine.
And silly me could still linger on thoughts
Of Lust, rather than admire the man in him.
The father in him, the son in him,
And above all my loyal husband in him.
It was not dead love, it was my eyes going
Blind, towards the real love he has been giving me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why do men call names at their wives and children?

Your communication skill depends on how beautifully you can convey a message.
If it is a disagreement try to express it as disagreement. Not as anger.
Name calling in any relationship is the most hurtful and disrespectful act.
My husband on conversation today was very aggressive and when I asked him the reason the next word he shouted was a "name" which was not respectful.I felt hurt and insulted.
The moment I felt that our relationship was over! At least for a second. I hung up the call.
Tried to pretend nothing went wrong, kept my tears from rolling out.
Tears expose your vulnerability especially being a women.
A male friend of mine once said to me the same when he saw me on tears.
He scolded me for doing that. And said if you could not control tears you should have rushed to the restroom so that no one could have seen that.
It is because until you expose this face of yours to others they consider you strongest.
I took his advise and from the day I would never let my tears drop out in public.I let me tears flow out when I am on shower.
I have my own cry time. If you watch a movie and cry nobody judges you as emotional.So every time when I am cry deprived I chose the most sentimental movie and let the tears flow down, cry to my heartful and then go to sleep relaxed.
I don't understand why all men chose this verbal attack on women to win the conversation.
My dad, my father-in-law,my husband all I have heard calling names.
I do not want my son to repeat this.I pledge to take care of him from doing this.
After all that is what I can do as a woman now.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Few words about me

To all nice hearts who have stopped by to read these few lines about me...

I would better describe myself as 
  • A Religious - I believe in the existence of a super power and talk to him.
  • A Patriotic - My mother land is same as my home.
  • A Humanitarian - Cannot withstand suffering of any at least in my vicinity.
  • A Mother - To my two lovely blessings from the Almighty.
  • A Wife - I am the fair Ellen lady to my lovely Lochinvar.
  • A Daughter - To my parents who struggled hard for my success and being today.
  • A Sister - To my siblings and all who cares.

Note: I do have another blog. I  wanted to write this new blog to find new readers who would definitely know me only by my writings. I wanted to feel the complete freedom of being a writer.When my readers are anonymous you too have the freedom of judging me on my writings with no personal cults.

I wish to establish intellectual friendships by exchanging our thoughts in this wide arena of Internet Blogging Community.

Please feel free to drop in comments.