Thursday, March 8, 2012

Romance is dead?

It has been 4 years and 7 months since we knew each other.
And married for 4 years and 2 months now.
I still don't believe love is in the air anymore.
It's a visible dead body between us now.
Can't blame me if I expected love!
He is all indulged in his excel of money.
Searching for scope of savings
I was hoping to have a vacation
For few days with him my love,
 yes for him too it was few days,
I fly and reach him evening, a day and another day
pack and fly back to another destination.
All set... flights booked.
Now I feel like cancelling the trip.
Just seeing each other was enough for him
Skype video would have served that purpose.
All his glands including male hormones
should have been dead along with love?
I am traveling for just few hours instead of days?
Poor fellow, gonna laugh at me my envying friends.
But on rethoughts I realize, not love what is dead
It was lust that faded away, but nourished the
growth of real care and love.
He cared much for betterment of me and his kids
Lot more than may be I could imagine.
And silly me could still linger on thoughts
Of Lust, rather than admire the man in him.
The father in him, the son in him,
And above all my loyal husband in him.
It was not dead love, it was my eyes going
Blind, towards the real love he has been giving me.


  1. Sad state. I wonder what the woman will decide next? Sometimes in spite of love being lost, one does not step out. There is a certain comfort in staying. Just because he is loyal, should one stay or does one stay out of love?

    Joy always,

    1. Susan dear, this would be the sad state of most Indian marriages these days.But then we are supposed to overcome it.May be finding our own reasons to say "All is well". As you said it right "There is a certain comfort in staying."

      Thanks for dropping your views here :-)

      Do pass by to read more.

  2. It is all about finding a passion and practical thinking and till then we must takes time and effort to find a common footing..and it is worth it..

  3. What you have touched upon is a subtle state in most affairs where love appears to dormant as the extravagant expressionism makes way for silent love and care. One may feel a lack of excitement but inside deep inside woven with the self is the love!

    beautifully written! fabulous!

    Pages off Life

  4. The real love grows with time when stokes of passion are not as intense:)

  5. Amazing....Loved it....You can visit my blog too:)))