Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why do men call names at their wives and children?

Your communication skill depends on how beautifully you can convey a message.
If it is a disagreement try to express it as disagreement. Not as anger.
Name calling in any relationship is the most hurtful and disrespectful act.
My husband on conversation today was very aggressive and when I asked him the reason the next word he shouted was a "name" which was not respectful.I felt hurt and insulted.
The moment I felt that our relationship was over! At least for a second. I hung up the call.
Tried to pretend nothing went wrong, kept my tears from rolling out.
Tears expose your vulnerability especially being a women.
A male friend of mine once said to me the same when he saw me on tears.
He scolded me for doing that. And said if you could not control tears you should have rushed to the restroom so that no one could have seen that.
It is because until you expose this face of yours to others they consider you strongest.
I took his advise and from the day I would never let my tears drop out in public.I let me tears flow out when I am on shower.
I have my own cry time. If you watch a movie and cry nobody judges you as emotional.So every time when I am cry deprived I chose the most sentimental movie and let the tears flow down, cry to my heartful and then go to sleep relaxed.
I don't understand why all men chose this verbal attack on women to win the conversation.
My dad, my father-in-law,my husband all I have heard calling names.
I do not want my son to repeat this.I pledge to take care of him from doing this.
After all that is what I can do as a woman now.


  1. very are generally very impatient and dont think twice before saying anything, because for them it is momentary, but women take it to heart.

    1. You said it right Renu..Not 20 minutes later he could start talking again as if nothing happened.But for me it took 24 hours and an explanation to get over that.

  2. I just randomly fell on this post of yours.

    I know its a never ending argument, but then I am afraid that its a blatant generalization when you say "all men have to choose verbal attack". I wont deny that men do tend to get verbal and in cases even physical, but then i know of women who do that as well. Of what reasons would be off topic but then I dont think it is the gender that is responsible. It is more of what is one subjected to as a child. So if all mothers (And fathers) pledge like you did, we might see a generation full of patient men. :)

    1. Thanks - N -

      But I really wish every mother and father teaches their kids not to use those abusive languages.