Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Few words about me

To all nice hearts who have stopped by to read these few lines about me...

I would better describe myself as 
  • A Religious - I believe in the existence of a super power and talk to him.
  • A Patriotic - My mother land is same as my home.
  • A Humanitarian - Cannot withstand suffering of any at least in my vicinity.
  • A Mother - To my two lovely blessings from the Almighty.
  • A Wife - I am the fair Ellen lady to my lovely Lochinvar.
  • A Daughter - To my parents who struggled hard for my success and being today.
  • A Sister - To my siblings and all who cares.

Note: I do have another blog. I  wanted to write this new blog to find new readers who would definitely know me only by my writings. I wanted to feel the complete freedom of being a writer.When my readers are anonymous you too have the freedom of judging me on my writings with no personal cults.

I wish to establish intellectual friendships by exchanging our thoughts in this wide arena of Internet Blogging Community.

Please feel free to drop in comments.


  1. Excellent ,ideas & good description .Being religious & believing in super power, what is the name of superpower?

    1. To unknown like your name being unknown the super power has no name in specific.

  2. Its good to have a blog where people dont know you personally..that way we also get the freedom to write freely...And you are a nice human being..